Activation of operational members through the application, monitoring of responses and arrival times to the base.


Locating the intervention, and navigating members and vehicles to the location of the intervention.


Real-time vehicle tracking, monitor departure and arrival time of vehicles participating in the intervention.


Advanced communication, contacts, documents, hydrant network, fire escape plans, driving records and other information.


is a professional system that is designed for all types of rescue services. The system provides support throughout the intervention cycle. It allows members to be activated, locate an intervention, navigate to a location, track vehicles, communicate and access useful information such as a hydrant network and fire plans. The system is intended for departments that wish to upgrade their work processes and make progress in their operations. It is based on recognized and widespread technologies that are also affordable. The system is divided into three specific parts that are adapted to the purpose and use.


EA-Admin creates department, manages department information, edits an operating unit, hydrant network, fire escape plans and other more or less specific layers and informations. EA-Admin is also in charge of activating members and reviewing active and completed interventions, communication in the form of messages, notifications, surveys and alerts. Manually or automatically can test the application or system and other useful services

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The EA-Responder application is intended for both operational and non-operational members of department. It enables the activation of operational members, locating the intervention, communication during the intervention in the form of text and images, displaying other messages, notifications, polls and alerts on the info board.

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In case of intervention, EA-Vehicle automatically accepts location of intervention and allows you to navigate to a given location. It allows you to monitor departure and arrival times and allows you to track your vehicle in real time. During the intervention, it provides an overview of individual members' responses and arrivals.

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