At the time of the intervention, it provides a quick look at the current state of the intervention. Based on the available information, it is possible to easy and quickly understand current state of intervention, the number of operational members on the way to the base, or are already in intervention. There is also a location, a micro location and a route to the intervention itself. A list of vehicles participating in the intervention is also available.

At the time when there is no intervention, the monitor shows basic information about the department. Number of members and vehicles available, state of last activation test and total number of interventions.


It is a low-power device used to display the EA-Monitor at the time of intervention. The device automatically turns on the display and displays the status of the last intervention.

The device also transmits a signal at the time of intervention that can be used for automation, such as turning on lights, opening/closing garage doors in case of activation and departure of vehicle, turning on the internal siren, etc.

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